Professional Buried Fiber & Cable Services

Fiber Network TrenchWhat drives all the bits, bytes and bandwidth that we refer to as the Internet is a vast underground maze of pipes, boxes and cabling.  Most commonly, this combination is described as ‘fiber optics’ but that simplification comes very short of describing the complexity of the process that is required to build the infrastructure.  Construction begins with the ‘dirty work’, a mix of shovels, missiles, trenchers and directional boring equipment to prepare the earth to securely host the fiber optic cables.  It ends with ‘lighting’ the fiber – connecting the routers and switches that are hungry for bandwidth.  In between, there are several challenges that cross over into multiple disciplines, including fiber network design, utilities location, excavation, enclosure placement, fiber pulling, splicing and termination, surface repair and ultimately the configuration of the data equipment that brings a network to life.

Atlantis Communications, LLC (dba Atlantis) was created to construct and operate an independent fiber optic network.  To facilitate this venture, Atlantis filed as a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) with the state of Florida in 2014.  This status accelerates the permitting process with local municipalities due to the access privileges granted by the state to construct and maintain fiber optic structures in public owned areas described as the Public Utility Easement (PUE).   Additionally, this speeds up acceptance of permits to cross county, state and federal highways.  With an unlimited footprint available, Atlantis’ mission is to extend its fiber solutions to a mix of high demand commercial customers and under-served residential neighborhoods.

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